Estonia Selected is a local travel, fashion, culinary and design magazine for Estonia visiting tourists who appreciate quality. Written in two languages – English and Finnish and with a Russian summary.

We bring you our selection of the most beautiful places and best experiences in Estonia. Our small nation has a lot to offer: history, culture, fashion and jewelry design, miraculous scenery, interesting city vacation, spas and culinary marvels. We hope to offer inspiration to travel and discover Estonia.

The magazine is published since 2017 and is printed thrice a year. The magazine waits its readers at the Port of Tallinn as well as numerous hotels and other housing establishments. Our magazine is also reachable via online channels.

Back in 2017, a record of 10.5 million people visited the Port of Tallinn, out of whom, more than half were foreigners. The number of people traveling to Estonia via sea is ever growing and new records are being set yearly.